Goals for my first MOOC: #change11

I’ve been interested in MOOCs (massive online open courses) since I first read about the first Connectivist MOOC a couple years back.

As someone with a long-time interest in various forms of distributed and “social” learning, I am fascinated with the concept of MOOCs. But after looking into a few since then, I hesitated joining in for two reasons: 1) Huge time commitment and 2) A academic-learning orientation in both content and community.

Being an instructional designer in a fast-paced technology corporation, I’m short on time. And I tend to look for the practical and applicable more than philosophical and theoretical. At least that is/was my perception. Now, reading more into the intent of MOOCs in general, and especially the Change MOOC that starts this week, I’m learning that it is really up to each person to participate how they want, especially focusing on setting their own goals and building their own network.

Sooo……I decided to dive in and see what I can learn, create, discover, build. Short on time? I’ll do what I can. I don’t have to write essays. My posts might be messy, but hey – life is messy. It’s a conversation, not a competition. Not in the academic world? Who says we have to be? It will be interesting to find others who are seeking non-academic applications.

At any rate, here are my goals for #change11:

  • Figure out what connectivism and MOOCs are about
  • Explore how each can be applied in a training environment (as opposed to academic)
  • Build a network of other corporate training professionals to share and learn with
  • Do all three of these as deeply, passionately, openly and…..SUCCINCTLY as possible!
Looking forward to the journey!
Learn all about MOOCs here.

2 Responses to Goals for my first MOOC: #change11

  1. Hi,

    I met people interested in less academic aspects of learning in some of the more traditional e-learning courses I did online.

    As someone focussed on academia, I always found it tedious to be stuck with business and industry people who were forced into e-learning seminars by their bosses, just because the term sounds fancy. In my past e-learning courses, I found that moderated e-learning often is not prepared for a heterogenous group of learners. The fact that business people always claimed to be short on time and tried to squeeze the courses into their 9 to 5 scheme made it difficult to work with them at a pace more satisfying for others.

    And now here we are – in #change11, and what we see is that in this format we also find these two different poles. The good news for me is my belief that this format will do far better in catering for those different attitudes and expectations and – contrary to traditional e-learning – both of us can get a lot out of the format we’re in.

  2. Kevin Shadix says:

    Daniel – Thanks for the messsage. I think you might be right that this course format will prove accomodating to varying needs. There is also a huge difference between the goals of training and education.It will be interesting to see how #change11 influences not just my “course” design, but also my own social learning network. Good stuff!

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