My tools for managing MOOC information abundance in #change11

Last week there were some great articles posted that focused on the “how to” of the course…how to participate in a MOOC, how to set up the social components, etc. So, I decided to follow the advice and get set up properly with a few tools to help with information tracking and participation. Here’s what I’ve set up so far:

Google Docs: Created a document to list the key articles or other resources I’ve read,along with any quick notes, sorted by week and topic. Also creating a sort of “dumping ground” document for random thoughts, copy and pasting stuff, etc. I’ll make these public once I have them a bit more focused and organized the way I like them.

Delicious: I started bookmarking course and related URLs on Delicious. I love the ability to use tags and bundles, and I’m especially looking forward to experimenting with the public and networking part of Delicious, both within #change11 and beyond. You can view my bookmarks here.

Twitter: Still a bit cynical about it’s usefulness, but I figured this will be a good chance to give it a fair try. Hopefully best practices will emerge! Twitter fan? Ping me and say hello – @kevinshadix.

Google Reader:  I’ve been using this for my RSS reader for a few years. It does a lot of things well, but one thing I find REALLY annoying about Google  Reader is that I can’t save posts that I’ve read. I’ve heard there are better RSS aggregators out there, like News Gator and others. Any recommendations?

This Blog: This is an on-again, off-again blog I started a few years ago. This MOOC may be the  kick-in-the-pants I need to get going with regular postings. Though I will also be posting on non-course topics, I will definitely post reflections, ideas, lessons-learned, and so on from my course experiences.

That”s all I have so far. I’m also interested in exploring and experimenting with other useful social media/networking tools, such as Flickr, SlideShare, and others.

What about you? If you’re in this MOOC, or have experience with any others, what tools did you find especially helpful? Any tips, best practices for the tools I listed (or any others)?

Bedtime here in Seattle, WA. Long day ahead – good night, good luck, and happy MOOCing.


One Response to My tools for managing MOOC information abundance in #change11

  1. Hope Greenberg says:

    1) wikispaces or pbworks (free-ish wiki sites)
    2) Zotero Groups: a more scholarly alternative to, or addition to, Delicious. While Delicious let’s you save, tag and share sites, Zotero is designed as a bibliographic management tool so it let’s you collect and share non-web site resources, thus a bit more scholarly.
    3) Omeka: for building digital collections. May not be best suited to a MOOC but it could be interesting to find out.

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