Three Dangerous Employee Mindsets I have Conquered (mostly)

My company announced today that several hundred positions will be cut tomorrow. I work for a great company and completely understand the business needs, especially in this economy. Of course this sort of situation creates a bit of anxiety – I can’t help wondering if I will be one of those “let go.”

Given that nerve-wrecking space, Kevin Jones’ latest post, 10 Dangerous Employee Mindsets, came at just the right time.  It served as a reminder and acknowledgement that I have developed a strong, healthy, independent mindset in my career development – and that this mindset will continue serving me well, regardless of layoffs or no layoffs.

Here are three of ‘vin Jones’ 10 dangerous mindsets and his counter to them, plus my own 2 cents. Be sure to read his post. It’s good stuff.

Dangerous mindset # 5: Your Career Advancement Ends When You Leave the Office.

Jones says:  If you love what you do your work will be a part of your life, not just a workday activity.You will read books and posts about it at other times… Then you will realize the career advancement is not just confined to your current position.

I say:  Despite busy projects with stupid crazy time lines, I ensure I give myself time to roam the web for creative inspiration and new ideas,  or to learn new development tools. I do this on my own free time, too. Because it is my passion, somehow it helps me to not be threatened by loss of job. I don’ t depend on it to validate my passion.

6. The path to success is clear: work your way into management.

Jones says: Management isn’t the only path to success.  In fact, sometimes, it is a step backwards.  

I say: Amen, Brother! I once moved into a full-time project management job because I was told I was good at politics, organizing, and process. Truth was, I was good at those, but mostly because I loved design and development, and so ensured I was following good practices. But I figured project management was a great step into higher-level management. I never wondered whether I’d enjoy management. I just knew, or thought, it was the thing to do. I pushed design and development aside, and was miserable. Now I am back in design and dev, turning out creative, effective work that stakeholders and learners give strong kudos for. I am happy. 

Mindset #7. Don’t rock the boat.  Keep’er steady.

Jones says: If you don’t rock the boat, someone else will rock your boat and throw you off.  Time to start rock’n.  Be bold (but not toxic).

 I say: I totally embrace this. Many are the  days when I assert some difference of opinion, call a spade a spade, question stupid processes, or point out waste that impedes creativity or quality.  Perhaps sometimes I come across as argumentative or difficult. I’m also pretty sure that people don’t have to second-guess my sincerity. Generally, my experience is that people at all levels appreciate courage and respectful forthrightness. I try hard not to be toxic or offensive, and am also plenty generous with sincere expression of support and enthusiasm. But it’s also important to take risks and speak my truth. Life’s too short to short to be a politically correct “Yes” man.

Those are just three out of 10 great points made in the post. Be sure to check it out. And don’t let fear hold you back. Be bold, be true, be passionate.


One Response to Three Dangerous Employee Mindsets I have Conquered (mostly)

  1. Excellent comments to add to the post! Thanks for adding to it. Your real life examples make the points stronger. I am glad you have put yourself in a good position. Well done!

    Whatever happens I have little doubt that you will come out in a better spot and stronger because of it.

    Here’s to the future!

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